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Aaron Ratajczyk

Daughters of Lust

They enter and quit. Sliding on the scale, with their naked elbows and knees. Above the spit. Stumbling over historical narratives, subculture’s leftovers, some cable and the onions. Trying to keep their heads above the water. Trying to ignore the threats on endless walls. They are nowhere to be seen, and they’re gone now.
Aaron Ratajczyk

Aaron Ratajczyk (DE/PL) works at the intersection of choreography and extended performance. Daughers of Lust is a bent narrative, not clearly placed in time and space. The text-led choreography is divided into 8 chapters, with its titles directly referencing the theological writing of St.Thomas Aquinas from the XIII century.

Daughers of Lust is a duet choreographed by Ratajczyk, featuring Eoghan Ryan.

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