Flam is a festival for Live Art in Amsterdam.


FLAM, Forum of Live Art Amsterdam was founded in 2011 by artists Rose Akras and Dirk-Jan Jager, having Arti et Amicitae as it’s principal location. The trigger for setting up FLAM was the success that both artists reached with the performance art program 'Between Heaven and Earth',  in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, as part of the Museumnacht of 2010. The daring project won the first prize as best Museumnacht program of that year. In the same year, both artists  participated  in two performance festivals in Brazil: VERBO at Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo, and MIP II in Belo Horizonte. Based on this experiences and in the search for possibilities to show their another artists performance works, Akras and Jager started FLAM. Anticipating already a genre of live art that proposes the  meeting and cross-fertilisation between the visual arts, dance and theater, FLAM was the first, and then the only festival in the Netherlands dedicated to Live Art that is not tied to a conventional duration or a discipline. The need of  a platform exclusively devoted to performance art as an independent art form was the direct reason for the creation of FLAM and is still relevant nowadays, as it remains the only festival in which the core program is presented in the white cube.

FLAM operates as a group exhibition presenting works with a background in various disciplines that have in common the urge to be presented live.

This leads to a dynamic program of both more conceptual and more physical performances, characterised by diversity in form, duration and theme.

As a non-institutional event, created by and for artists, it offers all the freedom for young, and more established artists to experiment further their art language, while presenting their works for the public. Appointed by the specialised press as an important festival where peers exchange insights actively, FLAM is also seen as a manifestation of the queer, in the broad sense of the word.  


With a open posture, FLAM operates also as a platform to stimulate Dutch based and international performance art and the active exchange between both. Flam has had valuable exchanges and collaborations with MPA Berlin, Venice International Performance Art Week, VERBO (São Paulo), MIP (Belo Horizonte); PAE Performance Art Events;  PAS Performance Art Studies; Dansmakers, Frascati Theater, If I can’t Dance I don’t want to be part of your Revolution, among others.

Since 2017 Alice Pons and Olivia Reschofsky compose the FLAM core team with Rose Akras. The 2018  edition had the participation of curator Titus Nouwens and in the future 2020 edition, of artist/programer Martha Jager. In this way FLAM offers also an opportunity for young curators, producers and programers to develop further their skills.

Other important collaborators of FLAM  since its creation are Bea Correa in the graphic design, and all around producer adviser Rob Visser. The organisation is represented by Stichting Outline and Arti et Amicitiae remains an essential supporter by opening their spaces to FLAM to move freely and occupy the whole building.