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Alex Bailey & Roland Rauschmeier



The performance makes public an otherwise closed circle of men who describe their visible intimate organs to one another. They share at times banal and occasionally humorous descriptions of their genitals in order to transverse the layers of submission, collusion and manipulation that historically involve themselves within their private sexual components.

The performance sees an act of non-erotic intimacy shared through an invented form of orgasmic massage. The men look for recognizable verbal terms in each others bodies and identify this not through masculinity, but through patriarchal masculinity. This distinction seeks to separate fear from a critique which represents a threat, and an intention to form an anti-patriarchal viewpoint.

Alex Bailey, United Kingdom now living in Vienna, Austria. He completed a photography degree before working at Eastside Projects, in Birmingham and later moving to Amsterdam to study an MFA at the Sandberg Institute. Together with artist Krõõt Juurak they conceived the project Performances for Pets in 2014, which they have performed for over 100 pets in cities and homes across europe in both visual art & dance festivals. From 2016 he also appeared & performed in contemporary ballet productions. He is the author of the practice Humourology, a study into humour related cosmic to comic communications. Both performances for ​Pets​ and​ Humourology​ are represented by Galerie International, an immaterial gallery dealing exclusively with immaterial artworks run by Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Simon Asencio.

Roland Rauschmeier is a German conceptual artist living in Austria. His main artistic approach is nourished by multiple sources of pop culture and its representations in the art context. Along his experience with digital media, he also created a performative series called 2nd Thursdays, which takes place, amongst others, in the studio of the Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung. He cooperates with the German Filmmaker Ulu Braun under the artistic pseudonym BitteBitteJaJa and the French choreographer Anne Juren.

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