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Antonia Steffens

Metamotion for 270 degrees


Metamotion for 270degrees is loosely based on the biblical story of Salome. The work uses the character of the young, dancing female body to construct an architecture of myths around femininity in western art history. Through entering and exiting different images, the performer dialogues with objects, times, references and narratives while constantly changing roles. The work indecisively attempts to keep a myth alive, meanwhile it is sabotaging, decomposing it and investigates the relevance of doing so in front of an audience’s gaze. During a journey of weaving a web, the performer is falling in and out of multiple dimensions of experiencing her own twisted projections of the story.



Antonia Steffens, born 1992 in Germany, studied dance in Cologne and choreography in Amsterdam. Through her interest in visual arts, with a focus on painting, her choreographic practice takes over the perspective of the image, and the agency of the public’s gaze. Playing with the impossibility of escaping the canvas, her works are usually entering into dialogue with practices of the unseen, imagination, metaphysics, dreams. In 2016 she held the dance web scholarship under Tino Sehgal. Her works and collaborations have been, amongst others, shown in Frascati Theatre, Centre Contemporain Geneva, Jacuzzi Amsterdam, Het Veem Theatre, Tanzhaus NRW, Koperghietery Ghent and FLAM Amsterdam.

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