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Astrit Ismaili

Emo Girl


Emo Girl a choir complexion consisting of nine diverse voices and bodies that are staged in an open space. The bodies of the performers represent a range of non-binary, femme and queer identities expressing vulnerability. The voice and body politics are used to transform this vulnerability into strength. The project proposes a new emo cult community inspired by the early 2000s Emo-Goth/Rock subcultures.


Astrit Ismaili with Baghi Yemane, Eero Lampinen, Carina Erdmann, Magdalena Mitterhofer, Matthijs Walhout, Vincent Arp and Vita Evangelista.



Astrit Ismaili is born in Prishtina, Kosovo and has currently graduated from the MA-Program at DasArts – Master of Theater in Amsterdam. He was a recipient of the Young Visual Artist Award 2011 and was a resident at ISCP in New York City. In 2012 Ismaili co-organized the biggest performance art event in Kosovo called ‘Prishtinë - mon amour’ in which together with around 70 artists reactivated the burnt section of the Palace of Youth and Sports in Prishtina through performance and installation.


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