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Franziska Menge &

Hendrik Walther


FaustRaum is a performative installation.
It is an experiment to translate the central topic of the dramatic play Faust - the decadent modern human being - into a multidisciplinary experience. Goethe anticipated the psychology of the Western world and over the years his Faust has become an iconic character. FaustRaum asks what has become of Goethes dystopia and what Faust means for us, today: Aren’t we all Faust?


Franziska Menge & Hendrik Walther
With works of Franziska Menge, Hendrik Walther, Bauke Moerman, Emile Lagarde, Roman Ermolaev & Nicolas Chuard


Ayrton Fraenk, Semna Segal and Dennis Tiecken


Hilde van Beek


Joppe Kos

Technical Assistance

Thomas Lloyd


Franziska Menge (*1987, USA) and Hendrik Walther (*1989, Duitsland) both graduated at the AHK Amsterdam in 2015 with the 6 hour long-endurance performance WILDSTRAINING that was honored by ELIA New/Now festival as one of the best graduation performances of a European art school. The interdisciplinary and multimedial performances of the duo are inspired by the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk, that allows different media and styles of performance equal space to create meaning. As regards topic, Menge and Walther are intrigued by the character of systems and the perpetual quest of human being to find meaning in life. The duo is currently researching ways of overcoming the traditional set-up and rules of theatre and explore how a performance-space can become a social space where the spectator regains autonomy.

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