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Fernando Belfiore


'Deus ex machina’ is most commonly used to refer to an unexpected power that intervenes and saves a seemingly hopeless situation. Choreographer and performance artist Fernando Belfiore (Brazil) uses this notion to explore a poetic that can induce an experience of unimaginable changes. In D3US/x\M4CHIN4 notions of vulnerability and movement as energy will extend, the limits of theatricality are stretched and plastic faces will melt. Different sources of sounds form a chorus and a supernatural battle becomes a choreography that balances between the epic, science fiction and ritual. Departing from the original idea of Science Fiction – researching the possible consequences of science and innovation through fiction –, Belfiore investigates the extremes of the human condition, connecting the history of technological innovation, drama and their contemporary interpretations with his endless imaginative power.

Creation & Performance Luna Eggers Matz, Rozemarijn de Neve, Maria Metsalu and Jija Sohn Dramaturgy M. Smolic Light W. Van der Horst Set N. Knežević Sound Sne Martin Snider Research creation and past performances Goran Kusic Production Dansmakers Amsterdam

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