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Hannah Perry

Cry Daggers

Cry Daggers stitches together varied footage shot on iPhones and VHS recorders — from excerpts of L.A. car rides, to clips of the artist’s nieces’ private performances, to GIF-like self shots — punctuated by an ambulating script describing episodes of retaliation and lust. The possible relationships between femininity and hysteria, machismo and industrialism are left to drift somewhere in between contingency and essence, threaded through the intimate and the shared.



Hannah Perry received her BA at Goldsmiths College, 2009 & MA at Royal Academy Schools, 2014. Solo exhibitions include: Viruses worth Spreading in New York, 100 Problems at CFA, Berlin and Invites at Zabludowicz, London. Group exhibitions include: I feel we think bad at Arsenal, Montreal and Private Settings at MOMA Warsaw. She hosted performances at Serpentine Gallery and Boiler Room, London.

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