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HellFun is a duo-collaboration, initiated in 2014, between the artists Josefin Arnell (Sweden/The Netherlands) and Max Göran (Sweden). Previous works by HellFun include sexual events organized in the woods (Amsterdamse bos) and a soap opera inspired by Anton Chekhov’s play Three Sisters. Using humor and absurdity as political tools, HellFun explores the performativity of desire, sex, gender and language. In using the stage mainly to produce new material for their video-works, their core medium and focus remains video.

'I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - ETERNAL NIGHT' is a six hour long public film shoot for HellFun’s ongoing season 'I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE'. The scenes take place at The Casino, the only place left in space where guests like Cissy Cyanide, The Goat, ODIN, The Virtuoso and Terri Therrier are speaking for themselves over some Fernet and French Fries. Meanwhile, in pre-recorded sketches, HellFun’s alter egos Tony and Nilla are busy running their babycare business FFF (Föräldra Fritt Forever) – a self sufficient economic system where they are breeding their own babies through surrogate mothers and fathers.


Dionisis Argyropoulos Ioannou, Josefin Arnell, Vita Evangelista, Max Göran, Cailin Kuit, Sophie Serber + special guests




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