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Astrit Ismaili


Three dimensions that clash and collide but exist next to each other. Energizing the space and the body using three main sources; drawings, texts and songs created by Astrit Ismaili are embodied in three performers that explore the energy on the frames of multiplicity.
Dreams and gender identity, art and market, dependency and spiritualism will be unfold during the performance. PS. Don't forget your wallet!

Direction, Drawings, songs and texts

Astrit Ismaili

Andreas Hannes, Antonia Steffens and Jose Manuel Portas Bulpe

Nico de Rooij
Rodrigo Albea

Supported by
Jeroen Fabius
Produced by
DasArts - Master of Theater



Astrit Ismaili is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance as a director and
performer, photography, video, writing etc.born and raised in Prishtina, Kosovo. Astrit work easily connects to ritualistic and transgressive body performances that violate social taboos by experiencing personal transformation during the event. As well as performing identity where the body is site where identity as defined by gender, race and sexuality is located performed and challenged. What always remains present at Astrits work is the body in relation to the space, society, the transformed body, the body as a protest, as an object and the body as a human body. His work often reactivates abandoned or construction zones by creating massive performance art pieces, interacting and working with people from all the ages and profiles. Currently he is studying at DasArts - Master of
Theater in Amsterdam.


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