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Jessie Yingying Gong & Bin Zhu

Away with the flow

Jessie will lead a participatory Tai-chi workshop that wishes to bring body awareness and collectivity through movement and flow of energy. After an introduction of Qigong and basic Tai-chi moves, the participants will be invited to follow a routine, and later, perform their own movements. Together, we move our bodies and materialise our imagination; we form our thoughts and activate the public space… 


Jessie Yingying Gong

Having been born and raised in China before setting out to study and live in Europe; Jessie has a lasting fascination with the topics of memory, identity, symbols and language. Currently she is developing a series of works regarding the form, materialisation and development of language. The research into these aspects of language, with a focus on the written forms, leads her to a kind of archaeology of symbolism. This serves to chronicle our history on a multitude of levels. Jessie studied at the London College of Communication and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She took part in several artist residencies, and was awarded with the Young Talent and Artist Project contributions from Mondriaan Fonds. She actively participates in international exhibitions; her work has been presented at the Venice Biennale, Beijing Photo Biennale, MAXXI, Art Rotterdam, W139, amongst others. Jessie is based in Amsterdam and Shanghai.

Bin Zhu

Born in China but grew up in the Netherlands. Throughout her diverse life experiences and travels, philosophy, art and dance have guided her from one life event to another. She started painting during her 3 years of residency in France and became a tattoo artist as part of the mourning process after losing a dear friend. In 2019, at the peak of her career she had to stop tattooing because her eyesight was heavily affected by an illness. She went to China seeking a TMC cure. During her stay there she met a 83 year old Tai-chi master who taught her different sequences from various disciplines. Bin has competed in a Beijing district competition winning several awards. Ever since she came back in January 2022, she has been focused on teaching Tai-chi and performing it as a dance form.


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