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Louise Liliefeldt

Living of the Land

The natural environment is the container and the stage for a series of actions, sounds and movements. It conjures many harmonies and a myriad of tensions between the organic and in-organic, now and historically. Breathing deeply and moving through the terrain in strange and unfamiliar ways, gestures that are part-human part-animal—the performing body interacts with dirt, grass, trees and water. Displaced ‘man’-made objects appear and various objects that draw our attention to the vast distances of migration, the far-reaching impacts of colonialism, and the long lifespan of exploitation and oppression.

Louise Liliefeldt is a Toronto-based performance artist and painter. As a South African woman who immigrated to Canada at a young age, her work often draws directly from this culture and her lived experiences in order to talk about issues related to the politics of identity as it intersects with gender and race. She is interested in the possibilities of the body in space and the effect of time in a space. Her work examines the cultural conventions of spectatorship and the links between emotional/psychological states and physical experience.



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