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Maciej Sado


Maciej Sado (Poland) is a performer, dancer and choreographer whose is works often revolve around the concept of ‘obliqueness’. In his practice, Sado aims to challenge the theatrical contract between performer and the viewer. At FLAM he presents Northing: Northing is to take obliqueness as a filter in order to create a space-time of augmented reality, revealing its moldable properties and its virtuality. Northing is to, while working within the (infra)structure, keep imagining its redefinition, reconfiguration. Northing is to enter nothingness and tune yourself to resonate within its infinite (non)potentiality. In the context of a gallery, Northing meets its new challenge while exposing the expectations of what a performance should or should not be.


Andrea Zavala Folache, Maciej Sado and Tea Teearu

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