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Matthew Day

Figures for Landscapes

Figures for Landscapes is a work for seven dancers that migrates across different sites with distinctive histories and codes. While migrating from Arti et Amicitiae to the rosary of Vondelpark the same choreographic material absorbs layers from those sites. The work looks at the imprint of one space to another, for example by taking field recordings from the Australian rainforest to the Vondelpark. Within this space of social encounter, temporary habitats are constructed for the performers to move and rest in, guided by a movement score of transformations from the vertical to horizontal field. The pace and social use of this environment is challenged. Commonplace physical actions like walking, standing, lying and touching are deformed, resulting in a durational performance ending at sunset. Figures for Landscapes will premiere at FLAM VIII, Amsterdam.


Matthew Day, Tamir Eting, Tomislav Feller, Andrea Zavala Folache, Mami Kang, Noha Ramadan, Estéfano Romani



Matthew Day (1979) who was a teenage ballroom dancing champion, studied Dance and Performance Studies in Sydney and Melbourne. In 2016 he completed a masters at DAS Choreography, Amsterdam. Day’s work is characterized by it’s migration across artistic disciplines, cultural contexts and performance formats, and his solo works have been presented in Australia and around Europe. He is interested in the potential of dance and choreography to generate unorthodox relations, and perform new modes of existence. Day often works with duration and repetition approaching the body as a site of infinite potential and choreography as a field of energetic intensity and exchange.


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