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Michelle Moura


Intrigued by the psycho-physical consequences of the blink interruption, at "BLINK mini unison intense wail" Michelle Moura and Clara Saito control the blink reflex, opening and closing their eyes in unison, and intensifying this movement through rhythmical score and gestures tensioning the relationship between choreography and dance, control and surrender. BLINK is a generative dance, in which an action is nurtured and exponentially challenged by their own effects and affects. A dynamic process of “incorporation”: a continuous  and still making a body.

Creation Michelle Moura in collaboration with Clara Saito and Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Performance Clara Saito and Michelle Moura Sound Stefan Martin Schneider and/or Rodrigo Lemos Light Lucas Amado Dramaturgy Alex Cassal Costume Lisa Vereertbrugghen Advisors Elisabete Finger, Jeroen Fabius, Katerina Bakatsaki
Production Cândida Monte and Wellington Guitti Co-production SESC SP and Theaterschool - Amsterdam Master of Choreography Support La Bamba, Curitiba

Michelle Moura is performer and dance maker. Lives in Curitiba, Brazil. Among her last creations are Fole (2013), CAVALO (2010) and Big Bang Boom (2012), where she develops performative strategies and practices that can produce bodily changes. Her creations are a mix of sound-dance-performance, presented in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, France, Spain. As performer she has worked and collaborated with Vincent Dupont (FR), Dani Lima (RJ), Alex Cassal (RJ), Fabian Gandin (AR). She was was cofounder and member of Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community (2005 – 2012) together with 7 other brazilian artists. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann/BR and took part in the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers/FR (artistic direction of Emmanuelle Huynh). Shes has just finished in 2015 her master studies at AMCH - Amsterdam Master of Choreography.

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