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Moran Sanderovich


Wounds and scars turn bodies inside out, exhibiting injuries and visualising pain. Restricting and enhancing the body, changing its form and texture, tapping into trauma and entering direct communication with it, and encountering how these processes affect movement. Sanderovich explores performative strategies to own the pain inflicted on our bodies, the victimization of the femme and non-normative body through patriarchal violence in physical and psychological form. By exposing wounds as the embodiment of past and present pain, displaying the injuries – bloody and healed – and reclaiming them. The body is permanently altered: carrying its inside on the outside to show the world. Transformation is explored as a process of reimagination and empowerment. It will be triggered through choreographic and physical interventions: Inhabiting a body is amplified and altered with experiencing different forms of movement. 

Concept, performer, choreography Moran Sandrovich 

Co-choreographer and dramaturg Lyllie Rouviere

Musician Ludwig Wandinger 


Moran Sandrovich is a multidisciplinary artist. She moved to Berlin in 2012 after graduating from the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem. Her work spans various mediums, such as performance, installation and drawing. In recent years her focus is mainly on installation and performance.

Sanderovich’ artistic practice is an interdisciplinary aesthetic examination of "the other". A desire to challenge, confuse the normative view and perceptions of body as well as gender as political and social concepts.

Sanderovich explores transformations caused by trauma and creates fantastic and cumbersome worlds inhabited by entities that look familiar and grotesque, seductive and scary, wild historical and post-human, organic and artificial and between dead and alive. Her works have been exhibited in various museums such as the GRIMMWELT Museum in Kassel (DE), the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt (DE), the GL Holtegaard Museum in Copenhagen (DK), The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg (DK) and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (IL). She also collaborates with various theatres such as Maxim Gorky in Berlin. She also shows her works in performance festivals such as the Festival d'Avignon Avenue (FE) Tanztage Festival in Berlin (DE) Flame Festival Amsterdam (NS) while also in galleries across Europe.


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