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Natasha Papadopoulou

The Anastasia Method

The Anastasia Method is an all inclusive personal last resort. It is a one hour space of limits to be flexed and borders to be expanded. If you don’t mind words and actions connecting to the core, this class is for you. Join in for an opportunity to flex in reflex, to existentially stretch and to exist in my verse. Reverse the role of viewer with some inner action, extend your possibilities, expand your inspirations and enjoy your talents.

The class is limited to 13 participants, no viewers allowed.
RSVP is required here


Natasha Papadopoulou works between Amsterdam and Athens, and graduated from Master of Voice at the Sandberg Institute in 2018. With a background in photography and Haitian dancing, her work investigates the cusp between social interactions, verbal associations and fictional appropriations, and looks for a space where both the artist and the artistic practice function as a tangible art piece. Her works belong to private collections and Greek national collections such as the State Museum of Contemporary art and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. Her performances have been presented in European institutions such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art EMST, Athens; Nottingham Contemporary Museum, UK; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; De Appel, Amsterdam; Thessaloniki Biennale5; L’apartment Rabat, Morocco and Ivy Brown Gallery, New York. Selected group shows include, amongst others: An Exercise in Values, Haus N Athen, Athens; Ambiguous Bodies, Contemporary Art Centre Of Thessaloniki; Handsome Young and Unemployed, Komplot, Brussels; A Glimpse Of, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens.

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