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Isa Tomasi&Maciej Sado, foto by Helena Majewska.jpg

Isa Tomasi & Maciej Sado, photo by Helena Majewska

FLAM_Under Construction


From the 26 of June till the 21 of July, FLAM and Arti hostes seven live works in progress, when new ideas and exchanges between peers are setting forward.

Avantika Tibrewal (in collaboration with Hethuis, Ali Clarck, Federica Olivera), Tom Oliver Jacobson & Flávia Pinheiro (in collaboration with Rodrigo Batista and Leandro Olivan), Elisa Zuppini (in dialogue with Bruno Listopad), Isis Andreatta (in collaboration with Juli Frodermann and Annick Kleizen), Rose Akras (in dialogue with Fernando Lee and Vincent Riebeek), Isa Tomasi & Maciej Sado and Clara Saito will be occupying Arti spaces developing and sharing particles of new performances, try outs and works in progress with the public. 
In the sequence of the tour made possible by EFFA, Mavi Veloso will be sharing the visual album that is part of the work Travesti Biológica, and was made in collaboration with Bernardo Zanotta, Pauli Scharlach and Thiemi Higashi.
You are welcome at Arti Gallery Spaces (Rokin, 112) on Friday evenings 7, 14 and 21 of July to experience it all and have a chat with the makers. Some artists will also offer short workshops.
Follow our Instagram & Facebook for the exact program.
On the last Friday, 21st of July, instead of the usual closing party with a DJ, we propose an hour of movement improvisation with live music by Fernando Lee, when we will invite everyone, also the public, to participate. An invitation to connect and lighten the mood, before more months of climatic, social and economic challenges.

031 Publik Universal Frxnd + Louwrien Wijers Rhubarb Festival 20230209-HC.jpg

Publik Universal Frxnd & Louwrien Wijers at Rhubarb Festival, photo by Henry Chan 


Mavi Veloso at Buzzcut Festival, photo by Julia Bauer

Cross board collaborations

FLAM went international through the seeds planted in the last edition of 2022, when we welcomed the visit of international curators from Rhubarb Festival, Toronto and Buzzcut, Glasgow, among others.

In February 2023 FLAM was present at the Rhubarb Festival in Toronto through the work ‘Not Yet’ (2022), by Publik Universal Frxnd and Louwrien Wijers.

In April FLAM was at the Buzzcut Festival in Glasgow with the smashing 'Travesti Biológica' of Mavi Veloso in collaboration with Pauli Scharlac and Ururubu Marinka. 
Through the collaboration of FLAM, Buzzcut Festival and Warehouse9 in Copenhagen, we received for the first time support of the European Festival Funds for Emerging Artists (EFFA) for the circulation of the work of Mavi Veloso,  that will also be performed in Copenhagen next autumn.

Visiting these events was also very valuable for FLAM as organisation, as we experienced the work of new artists and refreshing forms of engagement regarding diversity and inclusion matters.

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