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Maciej Sado & Andrea Zavala Folache

Northing training, 2 hour long public space experiment

With 'Northing', Maciej Sado & Andrea Zavala Folache created a device, an instrument, tuned enough to transfer the obliqueness. This becomes their main approach to any encounter. They introduce virtuality to the actual space where the body becomes a mobile application of connectedness. Sado & Zavala use augmented reality to save any context of every reality passing by, from disappearing, touching upon our consciousness, anticipation, fantasies, imaginations, archives of memory, wording, moving, and knowing. Taking the premise that when we move, we move between cognition and perception, real and nothingness, where nothingness gives here an uncountable (im)potentiality back to everything.

Sado & Zavala switch between performing and dropping performance, opening up contexts of reality and fiction to liquify identities, subvert egos, and kill makers. They stand shaking, on a specific timing which travels from 'before' and 'after', 'here' or 'there' every time we engage in the now. Patience and misplaced stillness are keys we use in order to invite “I” to disappear and become one of the other possible “'many’s”. 



Maciej Sado, Andrea Zavala Folache, Tea Teearu, Juan Pablo Cámara, Tomislav Feller, Isadora Tomasi



Maciej Sado - choreographer, performer, dramaturge - graduated from choreography in School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam 2016 and from medicine at the Medical University in Wrocław in 2012. Recently he was involved in Feminist Masculinity research and facilitator of Patriarchs Anonymous support group. Sado performed for artists like Ola Maciejewska, Vincent Riebeek, Fernando Belfiore and Laima Jaunzema. He’s a member of KuLe collective Berlin.



Andrea Zavala Folache works with choreography and painting as structures for mediating tools in order to investigate emerging relations between the mediums of spectatorship, theatre and dance. Her work has been presented in the form of performances, workshops, artistic advising, and interdisciplinary collaborations.


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