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Publik Universal Frxnd
& Louwrien Wijers

Not Yet

Not Yet is a new performance work developed by the Publik Universal Frxnd in collaboration with Louwrien Wijers. Presenting a selection of Wijer’s series of painted panels entitled Tomorrow’s Language (2020), the Frxnd adds an additional narrative through their live presentation as art-works punctuating moments in time, and moments in a life.


Taking on Wijers’ idea of language as sculpture, the performance is based on spoken word, using new artworks of Wijers that refer to conversations about the future that took place in the past.


Not Yet emerged from an invitation from Philipp Gufler to Louwrien and the Frxnd following their appearances in his video installation The Responsive Body, also included in the programme of this year's FLAM.


The Publik Universal Frxnd (fka Richard John Jones) is currently an artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Frxnd refers to a historical figure but it might also simply be just reappearing. A heretic, a quack, or a contradiction in terms, the Frxnd is an enunciation of a higher power or spirit. They are, and perhaps, always were, an instrument to go beyond the limited imagination and perspective of one’s own specific subject position.


Louwrien Wijers is a visual artist and writer, but feels herself to be a sculptor. Influenced by eighteen years of work alongside Joseph Beuys and her inspiring experiences of Fluxus in Paris in 1964, she describes her work as both mental and material sculpture. Her most renowned and important mental sculpture is 'Art meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy', which was realised in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1990. This work brought together artists, scientists, spiritual leaders and economists including Robert Rauschenberg, David Bohm, the Dalai Lama and Stanislav Menshikov for a series of panels taking place over five days.

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