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Anna Reutinger, Jessica and Ellen Algera

Panel Talk 'On Alterity'

Anna Reutinger (U.S.) lives and works in Amsterdam. She holds an M.F.A. in Dirty Art at the Sandberg Instituut and is currently a participant at the Van Eyck Academy. Reutinger's work investigates our changing relationship to material within the internet condition, with special attention to craft, self performance, the body and technology. Her practice is guided by her theory of the volatility of objects, or the idea that within the internet condition, material has been afforded new opportunities to live in an ever-changing state—allowing for the disruption of power structures, creation of micro-economies and empowerment of individuals.

Ellen Algera studied philosophy and cultural studies and currently works as a lecturer in philosophy of science and interdisciplinary studies at the University of Amsterdam. As a PhD student in anthropology of health, care and the body, her research focuses on digital self-tracking practices, also referred to as self-quantification.

Our interest to invite Reutinger to FLAM 2017 followed after reading her text-work in which she develops certain concepts – such as Internet condition, Shapeshift Self-performance, Life props and Volatility of objects –, which are closely related to FLAM’s thematic discussion of this year: 'alterity’. Moreover, Algera’s research on digital self-tracking is highly relevant to FLAM’s 2017 discussion and inextricably linked to Reutinger’s work.

Jessica proposes her services to be employed in various contexts, events, productions, and venues; performing contracted tasks to fill in for a situation. In the past, Jessica has appeared as a theatre technician with chest tattoos, guest list manager at a nightclub and substitute of a curator. For FLAM, Jessica is hired as the moderator of the panel discussion between Anna Reutinger and Ellen Algera.


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