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Phoebe Osborne


Flake explores possibilities of kinship and care as a response to advanced capitalism’s trajectories of depletion, offering visual entanglements of bodies and objects in practices of care. The performance is a method of thinking about enmeshment as a politically charged aspect of participating in the world.


Charlie Laban Trier  @charlie_laban

Andreas Hannes  @hahanoulis8

Talya Epstein @_energyworker


Across this really tall field in the dark again

Consisting of videos and drawings, this recent body of work leans into the artist’s near five year long obsession with a YouTube account by an unassuming horse lover, Lisa. Using methods of tracing and lip syncing, By outlining deliberately chosen frames and following the echoes of Lisa’s language, Osborne foregrounds their fascination with the videos of this account without fully exposing the original content or creator. 


Colored pencil on paper, 27.94 x 43.18 cm

At Night revisit I, Re-visitation Drawing Series, 2022 

At Night revisit II, Re-visitation Drawing Series, 2022

At Night revisit III, Re-visitation Drawing Series, 2022

1366 I, Re-visitation Drawing Series, 2022



In a practice grounded in choreographic sensibilities, Phoebe Osborne folds together material, psychic, and social traces of life through a matrix of video, sculpture, performance, writing, and sound. Making art with and for friends, they centre a quality of intimacy in Osborne’s work that stretches throughout the breadth of their work. Prioritising movement as an insistence on being, negotiated through their lived experience of chronic pain, Osborne’s work considers systemic stresses and accelerating depletions of life-sustaining environments. Their practice of making is mutually a site of deterioration, razing the languages of identity, nation, and culture that divide and render intimacy insentient. Osborne resists this inherent fractioning with a proposal towards “flaking out,” or reorienting towards a praxis of translation, relation, and care. Flaking-out generates a potential to engage wreckage as a space for relational imaginative dreaming.


Osborne’s works have been presented in the US and Europe, including commissioned performances at Transmediale Berlin, La Caldera Barcelona, SFMoMA, Oakland Museum of California, and Lenfest Centre for the Arts. They have exhibited at False Flag (NYC), Southern Exposure (SF), The Boiler Pierogi Gallery (NYC), E-flux Bar Laika (NYC), and City Limits (Oakland). Osborne participated in DanceWEB 2017 at Impulstanz in Vienna. From 2018-2021, Osborne was a resident artist at the Hercules Art/Studio Program in Lower Manhattan. They hold an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University and an MA in Choreography from DAS Graduate School at the Amsterdam University of Arts. Osborne is a 2022 fellow at A.I.R. Gallery in NYC with a forthcoming solo exhibition in Fall 2022.


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