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Rebecca Chaillon

Cannibal & The Cake

Cannibal is a violent love and food performance for two female lovers with a sound story about the German cannibal Armin Meiwess who fed himself with his lover in 2001.

In The Cake, the performer will transform herself in an edible cake for the audience after incorporating each ingredient of it. Each ingredient that made your birthday cake is important, even more when it’s a space cake.



Rebecca Chaillon and Elisa Monteil



Rebecca Chaillon creates since 2010  her own performances about desires, food identity and violence. She also manages her company Dans Le Ventre and is associated to the National Dramatic Center of Rouen for three years.


Elisa Monteil is a performer, a writer and a sound creator. She creates documentaries and fiction for radio, and manages the platform Super Sexouie, where you can share and listen to porn stories. Both artists performed in My Body My Rules, a movie by Emilie Jouvet about women, their bodies and sexuality.

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