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Sarah van Lamsweerde &
Leroy de Böck 

Sightless Seeing#5:Black Box

Sightless Seeing #5: Black Box is a remote quest into the collection of the former Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN). The performance creates small openings in the closeted memories of generations of theatre makers and lovers. Performer Leroy de Böck revives the archive’s afterimages in his mind, pulling objects that used to act in the spotlights out of the darkness. By activating our ears and hands, we find paths to knowledge other than the gaze.


Sarah van Lamsweerde

creates performances, installations and publications that question the way we look at art and reality. Experimenting with extracurricular methods (oral traditions, unfamiliar languages, underprivileged senses) is central in her often collaborative working processes. She graduated from Dasarts in Amsterdam with a master’s degree in artistic research and performance (MA). Her work has been presented internationally in theatre as well as visual art contexts.

She is one of the founders of Tre Tigri, an undisciplined artists’ association for individual and collective projects. Alongside her own work, she contributes to practices and platforms such as Performing Objects (ErfS, Brussels), BAU Dance & Performance (Amsterdam) and IM Company (Paris). She lives in Brussels and Amsterdam.



Leroy de Böck

has performed in various film, theatre and performance productions, among others with AchterdebergProducties and theatre DEGASTEN. In 2019, he took part in the project Museum of Stillness with choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (Shonen), actor Bart Bijnens (Toneelgroep Maastricht) and director Lieke Benders (Hoge Fronten).

Since 2017, Leroy has collaborated with Sarah van Lamsweerde on Sightless Seeing, a series of performances exploring collections and (art) objects with a multi-sensorial approach: #2 Tessels Oogh (2017, Oude Kerk Amsterdam); #3 Inside A&A (2018, FLAM / Arti & Amicitiae; #4 Acquisitions (2020/21, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). He has a passion for piano playing and the French language.

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