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Sigrid Stigsdatter & Toni Steffens 


Spinner centres around the idea that the artistic environment has a subjectivity, needs and expressions of its own. Shaped by transactional factors, such as : time, research space and financial support, the practice has built different milestones to become its own landscape.
Oscillating around the notion of what meaning can be, the work of Toni & Sigrid creates vibrating forms and absurd approaches in which it is possible to give and receive meaningful information. Meaning is approached as communicative and therefore always affective. In their collaboration, the space in between is highlighted and consequently materialised; electrically charged with movement, attraction, repulsion, fascination, dreams, desires, misunderstanding and the never ending duty of attending the other. In this electric field lies the quality and aesthetic of a meeting, that expands into the sphere where the spectator can meet themselves through joining in imagination. 

Costume design 

Ginta Tinte



Sigrid Stigsdatter and Toni Steffens started their collaboration in 2017 when studying at the School for New Dance Development, in Amsterdam. Throughout 3 years, they have created a body of work that researches and deals with the politics of collaboration as a shared encounter. Their choreographic practice tries to evoke a space that can communicate, negotiate and alternate its needs like a self expressing environment. Agency occurs by relating to the other and the environment as a sensitive stranger that has to be re-encountered, memorised or yet to be found out. Topics and questions that materialise out of their universe touch upon themes like the activity of spacetime, friendship, practising female witness-ship, intimacy, sensuality, memories and nomadism.


Toni Steffens 

Between spectatorship and material, Toni's approach to performing arts is always highly subjective or "subobjective" and navigates ethical and political concerns through the use of senses, perception and emotions. These always intersect with non-human agents, with associations and imagination, finding its way into the studio and into the conversations of the matter. Toni’s work has been supported and shown at Come Together Festival, Veem House for Performance, 8 Athens, Flam Festival, Frascati and at NB projects. Internationally her work has been shown at Les Urbaines Festival, New Fears Berlin, Tanzhaus NRW, Batard Festival and more. As a performer and dramaturg Toni has worked with numerous artists such as Samira Elagoz, Sophia Seiss, Jija Sohn, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Michele Rizzo, Erin Hill, Ira Melkonyan, Julian Weber a.m.



Sigrid Stigsdatter 

Sigrid Stigsdatter  travels through dance with an open heart and a critical mind, seeking to tell stories from the place where reality meets fantasy and fiction. She works with choreography, performance, singing and writing. Sigrid completed her studies at the SNDO in 2017 and is based in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. She is a member of Jacuzzi Dance space in Amsterdam, part of the writing collective Awful, and recently joined Dance Cooperative in Copenhagen.


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