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Erin Hill

Sunrise Commitment


From April 17 2017 to April 16 2018 Erin Hill watched the sun rise. She would get up one hour before the sun was set to rise, check her heartbeat, photograph the horizon as it shifted from dark to light, write about the state of her body and the state of the sky. From this practice, the performance “Sunrise Commitment” arose.

Sunrise Commitment invites the audience to wake up and come together one hour before the sun crosses the horizon. We gather outside, check our heartbeats and, bathed in the shifting light, gaze towards the horizon. The audience sits with tea and coffee at a far enough distance from the dancers to frame them as a horizon. Emerging in the distance, in repetitive flows, heating up in relation to the oncoming rays, is a dance performed by two people and the Sun. 


The choreography is a cyclical jumping phrase composed of moves guided by sensations of joy and exhaustion. As the light grows, the dance grows as well and we might even be welcomed into it as the dance finds its way of being with others. In a daring, hungry and weak moment, when you have just awakened from your dreams, or haven’t slept yet, we meet. 


Keerthi Basavarajaiah, Antonia Steffens and the Sun



Oliver Emmitt


Erin Hill is a choreographer, performer and writer based in Tio’Tia:Ke / Mooniyang / Montréal (CA). Hill’s work gathers a multiplicity of mediums under the name of dance, attempting, via embodiment, to arouse a polyphony of the senses and a noticing of this event. Through durational practices, she works with her body and life as a site of experimentation, noticing habits of perception and critically questioning from where these habits arise, as well as where they lead to. She is curious about nonverbal communication, and the conversations she is yet to have. In 2018, Hill received a Masters from DAS Theatre (formerly DasArts) in Amsterdam.


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