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Thais di Marco

The Goldfish Bleeding in A Sea of Sharks – Wrestling Club

The project 'The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks - Wrestling Club' is a series of artistic actions that reflect and react to the current impacts of Neoliberalism and Neo Liberal ideology in the art market, changing and conditioning the social role of art marking. The project is composed of a performance piece, a series of panels, NTF and web art investigation, research trip, radio show, short movie and counts with an extensive team of artists engaged in thinking potential political intersections to either reform or destroy the neoliberal art market as a major totem of white supremacy, heteropartriacalism and colonial domination. 


The motto of the piece is the Lucha Libre, a Latin American form of wrestling where social characters can fight. The cups are not necessarily violent themselves, but the entertainment of the show relies on the multi layers of the event and, above all, on the support the fighters can get from the audience. In our show, the artists will fight against each other, for the price of having the most successful business model of the world, repeating neoliberal lies such as: meritocracy, talent and fair curatorial processes. 


Thais Di Marco, Clara Saito,  Avantika Tibrewal, Qiaochu Guo


Felizitas Stilleke

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Thais Di Marco (She/They) is a theatre director, choreographer and teacher based in Amsterdam since 2016. Thais is Roma diasporic descendent and is an Egbomi (bad translated to “young xamã”) in the traditional Candomblé community she was born in, Redandá - Cipó Guaçú - São Paulo - Brazil. She has 15 years of practice in performing arts and cultural politics. Thais worked for six years at projects of the Brasiliândia Cultural Center, the only theater in a neighbourhood with one of the highest rates of state genocide in Latin America on questioning state violence. Later, she shared her research in different presentations about power issues such as Ocupa Ouvidor, the biggest cultural squat of the Americas, the festival Les Echos de Lobozunkpá in West Africa and at the Bongah space in Iran. Di Marco worked in social programs for democratisation of the arts. She studied Lucha Libre at Escuela Arena México. Currently Di Marco works to either reform, or destroy the art market as a totem of neoliberalism, corruption, cosmological violence, heteropatriarchalism, white supremacy and bullying. Thais was co-choreographer of the piece Omni Toxica in partnership with Paula Chaves, supported by Veem House for Performance and Theater Rotterdam, and was resident artist of New Adventures by Dansmakers, Nineties Lab by Nineties Productions, among others. In the European context, Thais held projects with partners at Beursschouwburg - Brussels, Centrale Fies - Italy and Ballhaus Ost - Berlin and started the social movement for artists: The Octopus Artists Against Necropower and Neoliberalism. " In her personal work she presents humour, sensuality and critical thinking in an entertaining way.


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