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Fernando Belfiore

The Fountain
video work

THE FOUNTAIN has been a nomadic and collaborative project which occupied the public space, and inside venues. It’s part of a social sculpture series that includes THE MARKET and THE CAVE. It aims to reorient the body towards radical spaces, collective formations, trigrams, crystals symmetry, structures of support, sensuality, saliva and sweat build-up a powerful bodily narrative with the construction of environments and its effects and responses. Intrigued by the symbology of water and the attention to its importance, mysteries, fluidity, the property to dissolve and to connect, to emotions and to the bodies’ energies, the work takes form as a ritualistic journey of overcoming borders.


Maciej Sado, Rita Vilhena, Rose Akras, Mavi Veloso, Rozemarijn de Neve, Johhan Rosenberg and Fernando Belfiore


Fernando is an artist influenced by philosophy, sociology, science, and economics creating work that is radical, queer, and transformative. Born in Brazil, he is  currently based in Amsterdam. Fernando graduated from the School for New Dance Development at Amsterdam School of the Arts – SNDO/AHK. Before moving to Europe, Fernando studied theatre at Escola de Arte Dramática at Universidade de São Paulo - EAD/USP.


At the end of 2014, the solo on alchemy and practices of the heart, Al13FB<3, was selected for the Aerowaves Top Twenty 2016. Since then, Fernando has toured extensively in many European countries, America, and Asia. Presenting his work at the American Realness Festival in New York, Fierce Festival in Birmingham, Guangdong Dance Festival, Festival Contemporâneo de Dança in São Paulo, among others. In 2016, Fernando represented The Netherlands at the Olympic Cultural Program in Rio de Janeiro in the dance category. During the season of 2018-2019, Fernando was mentioned as the most promising new maker in the Theaterjaarboek for the season of 2018 - 2019, according to Alexander Hiskemuller from Trouw.


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