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Open Discussion

The Labour of Art

Discussion with special guests, open for art workers (and future workers) of all disciplines and positions and the interested public.

We are art workers: organizers, caretakers, facilitators, truck drivers, babysitters, waitresses, social workers, entrepreneurs, mediators, cleaners, hosts, teachers, researchers, providers, delivery couriers, sex workers, technicians, curators, builders, maintainers. We are über- flexible, always available, adaptable, traveling, moving in and out, carrying things around, multitasking, fixing, always applying, negotiating, running, freelancing. We do anything for art. Join an evening of words but not only. A talk where we are allowed to discuss the meaning of success, assume failure, or just confess having (artistic) success but no money to pay your rent. Among other things, we will discuss the fair practice code from the art workers perspective. Come as you are.

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