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Clara Saito

The title is a lucid dream

15 customized spidermen walk through the city following a random line they draw from one point to the other in Amsterdam, listening to their internal desires in confrontation with the reality from the streets. One photographer follow their traces in the city with an instantaneous camera.
Once arrived, the 15 spidermen expose their experience as if it was a dream.

In this work sessions we will make use of the emotion of anger as a starting point. The proposition is to work on a semi-ritualistic movement practice as a way to transform what we consider often as a negative energy into a tool for creating changes. The practice proposes a travel through the embodiment of diverse angry bodies, with the consciousness that the energy accumulated can be used in a powerful way. The space and time will be also open for imagining how can an embodiment of anger lead into creating playful strategies to challenge the norms.

At the end of the workshop the group will be presenting a live performance at the Flam festival. This performance will show the results and discoveries encountered during our 3 days of work. It will also include an individual displacement between the two spaces of the festival, from Arti et amicitiae to Dansmakers.

Clara Saito (Switzerland/Brazil), graduated in 2014 from the SNDO,  School for New Dance Development, in  Amsterdam. Her research question essentially whether it is possible to apply anarchy as a system, through testing the possibilities of having an anarchic body and mind. She presents her discoveries in form of texts, visual art and performances through her anti-heroic incarnation of Spiderman. She is also known for performing as her alter ego, Kurt Dickriot in the Amsterdam Queer scene.

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