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Vincent Riebeek


For Riebeek, the idea of homelessness is liberating. Everything is possible, nothing is bound by conventions of time and place. This is precisely the underlying theme of his new work Uchronia. The title literally means 'no time', related to the concept of utopia: 'no place'. In Uchronia, Vincent traces the origins of dance and of humanity itself, and then invents new scenarios for the existing stories of creation. 


Uchronia is a remake of our world. With collages and tableaux vivants, the performers invite the audience to imagine what is possible. A practice that allows us to forge the future we would like to have. Riebeek: 'My intention is to create a liberating experience that is emancipating for both the audience and the artist.'


Rose Akras, Antonio Onio, Nicolas Roses, Slim Soledad, Maxima Caram



Vincent Riebeek began as an autodidact, completely free from the standards and rules of dance. He only completed his formal dance training in 2018. Vincent Riebeek decided to fully embrace his outsider status. He makes provocative work that balances on the intersection of art and entertainment. He pushes the boundaries of what dance and performance can be.

Riebeek does not hesitate to draw on all possible genres, from classical ballet to circus. As he says himself: 'Sneaking himself in, where he questions the spaces where he does not belong'.


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