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Fernando Belfiore


Fernando Belfiore shows his new solo work-in-progress that will premiere this October. For this work the investigation departs from bodily experiences to experiment potentialities of transformation by concentrating in ‘body sculptures’, ‘vulnerability’, ‘artificiality’ ‘and the ‘heart’. In so doing, Belfiore attempts at a ritualistic disorientation able to question our social certainties.

Freedom is not enough what I want has not a name yet. My concern is for the transformation of substances rather then the traditional aesthetic understanding of beautiful appearances. If creativity relates to the transformation, change or development of substances then it can be applied to everything in the world. And it is no longer restricted to art. Come, let us all be friends for once. The earth shall be left to no one.

Choreography and Performance

Fernando Belfiore


Katarina Bakatsaki, Suzy Blok and Bruno Listopad


Dansmakers Amsterdam with support of Prins Bernhards Fonds, Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung Frankfurt and ICK Amsterdam

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