May 12 -16, 2014, Arti et Amicitiae

From May 12 to May 16 2014 Arti et Amicitiae is in motion. Five evenings of performances of more than twenty artists from Europe, South America and Asia will take the public to experience from intimate to highly physical, visual or conceptual works and from durational to short performances. Rose Akras and Dirk Jan Jager’s program aims to emphasize the different approaches and diversity of live art.
The exhibition spaces are transformed in a special ground where artists meet and exchange with the audience on the spot. Other than in the theatre space, performances can be seen from different angles and the public is free to come and go. Forum of Live Art Amsterdam (FLAM) is an intersection where works are presented and network is made. Many artists are recently graduated from Dutch academies such as the Rietveld, Minerva, Sandenberg , Rijksacademie, Faculty of the Arts Amsterdam and University of Utrecht or are in the last stadium of their masters. The selection has names from FLAM habitués like Vincent Riebeek, Florentina Holzinger, Fernando Belfiore and Michelle Rizzo but also a lot of new promising names like Goeun Bae and Nina Wijnmaalen and artists coming from as far as South Korea and Brazil. Also the initiators of the 'Venice International Performance Art Week', VestAndPage, will show a work on FLAM.

FLAM V is thus a manifestation from visual and experimental dance and theatre artists that research the broad spectrum of performance, presenting their works for everyone who is open to the experience of this particular art form.

On the 14th of May FLAM V organizes a Round table talk open to the public with special guests from the University of Utrecht, Rietveld Academy and Dasarts.



Flam team

Artistic direction and Curators

Rose Akras & Dirk Jan Jager


Rob Visser

Webdesign & Social Media

Bea Correa

Light and Sound

Bart van den Heuvel

The festival is an initiative of the outLINE Foundation and bLA (basis for Live Art) with the support of Arti & Amicitiae and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds