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Jacques van Poppel

You Wonder Why?

In this performance JVP will work with racial issues. In particular he will question choices that people make just on basis of race...

Van Poppel started his career as a performer in music. He was playing electric violin in different (mainly experimental) music-groups such as Electric Paranoid Era, Lazarus and Blue Sound. In 1974 Blue Sound was winner of Jazz Bilzen.

Since 1981 Jacques van Poppel is knowledgeable through his years of performing at various performance events and via his encounters with various artists of differing backgrounds. In his performances, Van Poppel creates a radical narrative based on working with ordinary objects and related to his "street-wise" personal life and individuality. He would invent a situation, which breaks preconceived assumptions of art, and welcome an intimacy with the audience. Some unexpected things he would do include putting up a tent in a gallery space or distribute cans of beer or offer packets of tidbits to the audience as he worked with other objects like toys, clothes and household appliances. He would use these objects in an original way and create a collage of imaginative interpretation and actions, which reclaims the infinite possibility of performance art. Jacques van Poppel comes across as a natural performance artist. His confidence with people reflects a genuine humanity filled with openness, compassion and radical creativity.

Van Poppel often collaborates with other artists and is a member of Black Market International since 1986. With German artist Boris Nieslony he forms Traum-Duo in der Auszeit. Also Dutch trombone-player Wolter Wierbos is a regular partner in his performances.

Occasionally he is working as a guest-teacher on art schools and universities, doing workshops with young art-students.

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