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Kirsten Heshusius

je dwaalt door mijn lichaam, houdt je op in mijn ogen // you meander through my body, linger in my eyes

'This evening I show you a next step in my research of the impact my family history has had on my life, my struggle to connect with my ancestors.
The 20th century started in the colours brown and black, with the fragance of wood and tar, in sweat iron and earth.
What connects us with all the ones that lived in the past century? What connects me with her? Is the solitude only present in the history or as well in me?'


Heshusius’ work is based on the metaphysical. She always seems to feel a little uncomfortable.  She applies this to her approach and her subjects, autobiographical in nature. The ritualistic aspect of performance takes on a great role in her work. In her present work Heshusius investigates the impact her family history has had on her life, her own struggle to connect to her ancestors.

Her use of materials and her subject matter relating to life and death conjure images of Japanese Butoh performers. They indicate the present, self reflection, inner contemplation and confrontation.
 During her performances the audience tends to become more engaged and empathetic with her struggle to connect. As a spectator you can put yourself in the physical dimension: the struggle with a big, obstinate sheep corresponds with your own body. That body understands her statement sooner than the head interprets a word.

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