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Marta Ziólek

Black on Black, Body Eye

Black on Black
In 'Black on Black', the artist investigates the issue of blackness in choreography.

Its starting point is the series of black paintings by Alexander Rodchenko as well as the appropriation of the language of street dance as a tool for measuring the force of movement. – I was fascinated with Constructivism, which is how I came up with the crazy idea to transport painted works to the field of choreography and dance –


Body Eye
The starting point of 'Body Eye' or how to say what happened on 27th street in New York in December 1963', is the fictionalization of an actual event through linguistic and kinetic display. The aim is to expose an event from multiple actual and imaginary, visual and textual perspectives, by placing oneself in a particular historical event and appropriate and render it as if being there.

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