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Michele Rizzo


M is an on going project that originated from an investigation around the notion of image and it´s power. Last year, when I presented M in the context of Flam 2013, I created a character, a singer who was presenting his new single to the audience.

This year, I, Michele, became the character. I became a singer. And the performance, became a concert. What is a singer? Is it the skill of singing and composing music that makes the singer? Is it the recognition of the public that legitimize such status? Or is it eventually, my own recognition as a singer, that make me become one?

In any case, there is a substantial difference between me and any other singer: I was born as a singer during my performance, so, in that respect, I exist in a very special plane of reality: fantasy. In this work, all the other central themes of M keep being unraveled: mortality as a constitutive quality of being, the ultimate condition of solitude, the care of the self. However a new reflection is brought to the surface.

Modern life in contemporary society, tends to demand individuals of becoming specialized; we design our lives in order to achieve that goal, in the best case scenario set by ourselves, if not by externals pressure. This concert is my investigation around the possibility of interpreting artistic practice as a way of developing human skills beyond such expectations, but rather on the base of creativity, intended as a force of becoming.´


Created by

Michele Rizzo

Music and performance



Gertjan Franciscus

Set design

Michele Rizzo & Gertjan Franciscus

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