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Nina Wijnmaalen

Object of desire, a piece by seven individuals representing human attempts of hope and fear

and we let go
we should let go
of all unnecessary cravings we used to excuse ourselves for the lack of guts
we must leave behind the dust under the bed
the mirrors, the checklists, the broken nails...

every word
every penetration
every sensation
every chunck of the motor we don't dare to repair

text: Lola Lasry

In my work as a performative choreographer I research the way I perceive and judge the other and my self. I register basal thoughts: How do I react on someone who looks different or behaves unusual? Why do I feel uncomfortable in certain situations? Do I recognize myself in the behaviour of the other?

To entangle the audience in this research I play with the absurdity and uneasiness of certain situations. By creating images that are both seductive and confusing I develop a mixture of reality and the imaginary. I explore the borders of accesible and tolerable behavior in order to question the responsibility of the maker and the audience: To what extent do we place ourselves in reality? To what extent do we fear ouself?

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