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Olivia Reschofsky

The Dog Needs To Eat

The dog needs to eat is the story of a 900 km walk in north of Spain with my dog Cowboy and with Vincent.

Hello my name is Olivia and he is my dog. His name is Cowboy. I took him from a shelter in France 3 years ago. I chose him, because he was the only dog, who seemed didn’t want to be taken. He was just hiding in his little house, while all the other dogs were barking. I thought he must be a special one, therefore I brought him with me. We have been living together and he my best buddy ever since.

This chicken I got from a farm, specially for this performance. She is not my pet, she is a performer and as you might know animals that are part of the performance can not be harmed before, after or during the show. Well, this gives to this chicken a very unique status amongst chickens, if you think about it, because most chickens on this planet are not guaranteed this safety. She lives now with me in my room in Amsterdam, but as you can imagine it is a temporary solution, and I wonder if any of you have a suggestion for a long term one. I do not want to bring her to any kind of “kiddy” farm or zoo. I want her to have a home with people that I can meet sometimes and I can trust they will treat her according to the condition that I agreed on when I let her perform in my piece.

He is Vincent, who you will also meet in the show. He will have pen and paper in his pocket and he can come to you personally and write down your address or a place you know, where we could take the chicken after the show.

So, now that you know all of us we can start......

- it’s a piece against hypocrisy

- to know love, you need to know hate, to give life you need to know death

- it’s an idealistic piece that does not pretend

- it is a piece that embraces all that doesn’t hide

- that knows that sometimes progress needs to be imposed and sacrifices need to be made

- to shed light on parts that stay in the dark someone needs to stick out their neck

- without the fear of being looked upon for showing what was hidden

- it is the attempt of total freedom, no moral, is the moral, full moral

- it is an observation of facts, it is the wish for a better way its total honesty

- it’s a message without a lesson, it is neither good or evil it just is.

- it is an attempt of staging the complexity of life and therefor it deals with death

- it is an attempt of creating beauty through reality

- it is staging the unstageable, the end

- it doesn’t want to be but it is. it says, fear is useless fear is useless fear is useless

- it’s a crusade, it’s a pilgrimage

- it is primitive, it is the future

- its asking how much is it worth, how much do you care, you care so much you want to stop me, I show you what you don’t want to see, but if you open your eyes you see it everywhere, let me open your eyes

- it is trying to touch that place that people don’t want to have touched

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