April 22 – 26, 2013, Arti et Amicitiae

FLAM IV is part of a series that 'basis for Live Art' (bLA) are organising around performance art. Performance art is a cross-discipline language that connects elements of visual art and performance through its use of text, movement, technology, philosophy, sound and / or social themes such as gender or politics. FLAM is a group show that offers space to both conceptual and more physical performances. The visitor can move between various spaces according to their own tempo or preference. FLAM demonstrates the growing international interest in performance art and stimulates the performance art network. This experiment is offered to the public so as to inspire new possibilities and impulses.
The first FLAM took place in April 2010 and lead in subsequent years to new artistic avenues and contacts for those who took part. For example, a number were able to take part in the performance series Verbo, a platform for performance art in São Paolo. This collaboration between Verbo and FLAM continues and offers the opportunity to artists in Brazil and the Netherlands to develop and present their work. This year FLAM will be presenting for the first time a special evening of performances from students of the Geritt Rietveld Academy (GRA), the Amsterdam School of Art (AHK) and the Utrecht School of Art (HKU). Following this there will be a round-table discussion between the artists, theoreticians and the public.


Flam team

Artistic direction and Curators

Rose Akras & Dirk Jan Jager


Rob Visser

Webdesign & Social Media

Bea Correa

Light and Sound

Tim van Vleugel & Bart van den Heuvel

The festival is an initiative of the outLINE Foundation and bLA (basis for Live Art) with the support of Arti & Amicitiae and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds