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Pedro Manuel

If I return will you remember

The performance is part of a cycle of lecture-performances and editorial projects called Periphery of Spectracular Studies, assembling images, concepts and references that are on the periphery of my main PhD research on 'Theatre without actors': performances by theatre makers where the physical body of the actor and its artistic agency are surrogated or absolutely removed.

As a river finding its way to sea for the first time, an academic research is also about discovering the right direction and its curves. In this process many small rivers join while much is drawn to the borders. In the final year of my doctoral research in theatre and performance studies (Utrecht University) I want to observe what is on the periphery of the study, dealing with them artistically through performance and, critically, by revisiting material and expanding the participation of readers in the blog

Pedro Manuel is a portuguese theatremaker and researcher. In the Netherlands, Pedro studied at DasArts and is now completing a PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies in Utrecht University.

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