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Pedro Matias and Angelo Gens

86,3 in 8,2

This piece starts with a confrontation of realities, in which private and public are reviewed. It is about perceiving something beyond our boundaries. Conceptually, it was imperative for us to work around the notion of awareness of each one’s boundaries as a possibility to rethink those self-limits.

This piece dialogues between the “need of doing it”, an OCD notion, and a sexual component present in a role-playing game. With these two particular inputs, the performance creates a new ‘inner-space’ within our own reality in which the relationship between performers is created step by step. The audience experiences this intimacy until it becomes something else.

The observers are able to take their own decisions in the piece. With the possibility of interaction there is an opening for a power-change between performer and spectator. Do you have more of a voyeur or of an exhibitionist in you?

Throughout this feeding of senses between the observer and us, a growing tension is built, bringing excitement and allowing a projection of the observer’s inner-self in the action.

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