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'Two and two, of all flesh in which there was the breath of life. Two and two... went into the ark.'  Genesis 7:15

When 'Individual' or 'Atom' is that which cannot be cut or divided any further into separate parts, why are we still torn by schizophrenia? What if finally the Ego is not only useless, but a paradox that we continue to uphold only to confine ourselves? What if we really are just one part completing something else?

FLAM V presents a new 2-hour long chapter of VestAndPage's current performance cycle Dyad on the danger of dichotomy, attachments to dualism, and the paradox of Ego. Stenke and Pagnes here look into the ability to integrate again foreground with background, and content with context. The performance will give space to situation-responsive actions, while challenging ideas about what it means to be in a body and what can be experienced beyond the physical realm. Presenting the familiar in an environment defined by unpredictability, the result may be entirely surreal or as familiar as a dream. The Dyad performance cycle is currently being developed and presented with an each time inedited performance on VestAndPage's 2014-tour including among others stations in Toronto, Amsterdam and Zagreb.

VestAndPage are German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist and writer Andrea Pagnes, who have been working together since 2006 in the mediums of performance art, filmmaking and writing, and through independent curatorship. Their works have been presented widely across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa, and have been described as transfixing, confronting, humble, uncomfortable, spellbinding, carrying fresh iconography, cathartic, visceral, liminal, tensional, silent, delicate or mysterious. VestAndPage’s performance practice is process-led, situation-responsive and conceived psycho-geographically in response to architecture, natural surroundings or historical sites. It examines the fragility of the individual within different social or environmental spheres. Exploring what, as human beings, we still have to offer, VestAndPage question our existence within a humanity characterised by social exclusion and global atrocities. Animated by a nomadic, confrontational spirit, they apply the themes of acceptance, resistance, crisis and endurance with a poetic bodily approach to art practice.

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