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Vincent Riebeek

Scrawny to brawny is call

make your life – and the lives of others – better than most people dream about.

We all start out equal, little blobs of blood and muscle, a set of awesome potential. Most people never develop that potential. The biggest thing holding guys back is 'The Scrawny Mindset', looking at the world in a way that makes us feel small and stops us from being who we want to be or looking how we want to look. A Scrawny Guy, does what other people expect him to do, isn’t proud of his body, is happy with mediocrity, wastes time, puts off work, procrastinates on Facebook, and makes excuses, commands negative attention with his machismo, doesn’t know how to stand up for himself, gets in debt and spends money frivolously, has fickle relationships with friends and romantic partners. What’s the reverse of Scrawny? You guessed it: Brawny. Brawny is muscle, confidence, and assertiveness, it’s looking how you want to look. Being who you want to be, brawny is about building a muscular body and becoming your own hero.

Vincent's work is founded on a sense of community and friendship, to trigger each other in changing the way to deal with life and reality as much as it comes to changing the way to deal with art and performance. To be triggered, to be activated, to be alive, to be happy, to be free. To always fight injustice, always work hard, never give up. To constantly see all possibilities around you and different ways to cope with them. To arrive to a complexity that is beyond, and even further. To be idealistic without being dogmatic, to understand that everything is changing and therefore you can't rely on anything except for that big swelling lump inside your chest, bravely working, never stopping until the day it does and moves on to being something else. Violence. To embrace all, without fear, which is useless. To open the gates of the heart and surrender to the fear of dying. Love. When you don't have it, I will take it from you, when you have it, I will give it to you. Be willing and able. Be willing and able. Be willing and able.

Vincent Riebeek (born in The Netherlands, 1988) started dancing hip-hop and street dance in his pre-teens. While finishing his high school education he went to the pre-education dance program at the AHK Amsterdam where he graduated at the School for New Dance Development. He received the DanceWeb Scholarship at Impulstanz Vienna in 2010 His own work is shown at various theaters in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, Brazil and Croatia. He had residencies at Impulstanz, Workspace Brussels, Frascati Amsterdam and PACT Zollverein.

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