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Tom Oliver Jacobson& Flávia Pinheiro Do we Dream Under the Same Sky
Post organic Moss, Katarzyna Moss. Isa Tomasi & Maciej Sado
Miniatures Public sharing of working in progress by Elisa Zuppini
Clara Saito, Impro Drag
Mavi Veloso
KILLING YOU SOFTLY by Avantika Tibrewal
Rose Akras, Defining myself in public
2023 BuzzCut, MaviVeloso
045 Publik Universal Frxnd + Louwrien Wijers, Rhubarb Festival 2023
Body Drift(extract), Mami Kang, FLAM#9, photo by Thomas Lenden33
Vincent Riebeek  - Uchronia
Body Drift(extract), Mami Kang, FLAM#9, photo by Thomas Lenden23
FLAKE , Phoebe Osborne, FLAM#9, photo by David Cenzer16
Spinner, Toni Steffens & Sigrid Stigsdatter, FLAM#9, photo by Thomas Lenden35
The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks - Wrestling Club, Thais di Marco, FLAM#9, photo b
Astrit Ismaili, Emo Girl
Harrolt Offeh, Covers
Fernando Belfiore
Rebecca Chaillon
Néle Azevedo’s “Minimum Monument” Explores The Ephemeral Aspect Of Art
Mette Sterre, Long Tongue Sally
The dog wants to eat, Olivia Reschovsky

Live Art Amsterdam 

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